Eight things I’ll always keep in my carry on


Long flights can be a time to read and relax, catch up on movies you may have missed in the theatre, and get some extra Z’s before your next adventure. I’ve always been the kind of person who is prepared for any and every situation. Here’s a quick list of things I will always have in my carry on to help make those flights just a little bit better and to deal with emergencies before they even occur.

Passport & Money

  • You should always, always, always keep these items on you at all times. And a copy of your passport in case something happens. You can never be over-prepared.

Earplugs and Sleep Mask

  • These are a life-saver when trying to get some shut eye. When a baby is crying a few rows in front of you or someone wants to leave their window open, you’re going to be super glad you decided to bring these along.


  • To save myself from any inconvenient situations, I always keep these with me. They don’t take up much space anyways!

A Good Book

  • It’s refreshing to be able to entertain yourself the old-fashioned way. One can only marathon watch so many movies.

Spare Change of Clothes

  • This is one of the best things to keep in your carry on solely for an emergency including misplaced luggage, getting cold during your flight, or spilling something everywhere during some turbulence. You never know what might happen on the plane.

Snacks And/Or A Meal

  • My go-to snacks are peanut M&Ms and gummy bears. For longer flights, sometimes I’ll pick up a sandwich from a shop in the terminal. Because of my allergies, it never hurts  to bring some food along.

Empty Bag

  • An empty bag may come in handy when gathering up the trash in your seat after the flight (this is a flight attendant pet peeve, by the way), to carry the snacks you just bought onto the plane, or even to save the day as a barf bag if your seat is missing one.


  • Although there may not be WiFi access on all flights, my laptop and cell phone are always right by my side. If I am lucky enough to have access to a USB port, I’ll charge everything.


I hope this helps you prepare for your next flight. What do you always like to keep with you when you fly?

Happy travels! 🙂

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