A California girl in Iceland

I have only been here for 6 hours and I’m already sopping wet and freezing cold. It’s truly comedic. And, quite frankly, a little sad.

But here I am, sitting at the hostel recharging my phone and writing. I have already given up on trying to fake that I enjoy this windy and fierce 30 degree weather. It is far from my favorite. I keep having to fight dreaming about LA where it is always sunny…

I want to appreciate my LA winter even more by comparison; because let’s get real, I have no idea what winter even is. Snow?! I eat it with artificially flavored sugary syrup and that is all. I have maybe only experienced snow a total of 30 days throughout my entire life. The weather is not why I’m here in Iceland though.

I came to Iceland in search of the Northern Lights, and unfortunately they are only visible in the winter time when the nights are long and cold. Furthermore, the weather has to be absolutely perfect (i.e. no clouds!) and there can’t be any light pollution around you or they will still not be visible. So, the chances of seeing them are not always great.

On the upside, Iceland has some bomb pastries. While wandering around in the dark I stumbled across a small bakery called Brauð & Co. It was everything I could have ever wanted out of  a cinnamon croissant. Sorry, I get sidetracked a lot but food is important.

Anywho, I was above the clouds last night in an airplane for nine hours. If I looked out the window and blocked out the indoor light well enough, I noticed that I was able to see faint green streaks of light floating along the skyline. It was breathtaking. I wanted so badly to capture a picture to share but was unsuccessful in my attempt as the visibility was not ideal. Being on a moving aircraft certainly doesn’t help.

I signed up for my third international solo tour and finally made it here. Iceland is home to dozens of Mother Nature’s wonderful creations. Through the tour I signed for, we will be exploring various tourist spots including the Golden Circle and Southern Iceland. We have also dedicated a certain number of nights to find those pesky lights! Fingers crossed…

I am so pumped to get out there and start exploring the city once my phone has enough charge to help me find my way around it!

What do you, the beautiful people of the internet, recommend doing or seeing in Iceland during the wintertime?

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