London, England

London is one of my all time favorite cities to visit. Not only does everyone speak English, but it was also the first city I’d ever been to out of the country without my parents.

And let me tell you, I had an absolute blast.

London has fantastic nightlife, from its’ many pubs, up to the gorgeous rooftop bars, and down to smoky underground clubs. There’s also loads of history and culture to learn about; this place has been around for centuries. Even after being to London a couple times, I still need to make another few trips here to finish crossing things off the list.

My first time to London was organized by an old friend of mine who was actually a local herself, so I got to explore the city right from the start with someone who knew exactly what to do and where to go.

London can be pretty expensive depending what you do. Take advantage of the London Underground subway system which runs anywhere and everywhere in the city (get an Oyster card). You’ll be able to see so much more once you learn how to navigate it.

We stopped at a quaint bar near Brick Lane called Casa Blue where they have these massive fish bowls for drinking.

I don’t think I could have consumed one by myself. Sharing is caring.

We went on a Jack the Ripper tour where we wandered the same streets that the famous killer left his victims.

We even visited the bars he was said to have frequented!

East London was also covered in amazing graffiti artwork. My favorite was this mural of Edward Scissorhands–

Isn’t it amazing?

We boarded a cruise on the River Thames and sipped on tea and champagne as we drifted past famous landmarks like the London Eye and Big Ben. It was absolutely gorgeous.

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Cruising down the Thames 🥂🍰🛥 July 2014

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I don’t think I could ever run out of things to do in London. I’ve already returned once since this trip and can’t wait to make it over there again.

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